Ark Server Changes


We just updated the server, adding many mods, and a few changes to both levels and other things, if you are having issues downloading the mods, make sure your steam settings are setup to allow downloads during gameplay, that seems to help slightly.    

 Also, please vote for the server here:

Mod list:


The server is  now setup with offline raid protection, and is full PvP!  


What this server is:    

We have the fabricator and all the high-tech mods disabled, along with supply drops.  Instead, you have to go through the research and development mod to upgrade your equipment.   It's a decent replacement for the beacons.   I'll be adding the battle beacons mod once I finish testing them, so players have something interesting to fight over, and against.  We have ORP, and a nice list of tasty mods for the Low-tech raider!   I even tossed in the corpse finder, so you can pop your corpse up from under the world if it gets glitched in terrain.   (Also makes it easier to find)   

The dinos are also no shakes, they are hard to kill until you get you equipment upgraded, and I intend to make them even harder once I decide on a good dino mod, or I'll jack up the difficulty.    



1. Don't be a Dick!  This rule still stands, don't get up to douchebaggery shenanigans on my watch or I'll drop the banhammer on you so fast you won't know what smashed you flat.   PvP is part of the game, but don't go around being a racist little prick, or make an ass of yourself. 

2.  Don't build in the caves.  I don't mind if you build bridges and crap, but no bases in the caves, especially underwater ones if we are running The Island map.   

3. No cheating/exploiting, or hacking.    No glitching dinos into terrain or buildings to keep them from getting damage, etc.  If you have a question about possible exploits just toss me a line.  I won't ban ppl for using them the first time, if they don't know but I expect players to keep a clean nose.  The game isn't perfect and being a bad sport won't earn you any favors here.   

4.   No betraying/stealing from your own faction.  I'll treat this on a case per case basis.  Yea, its part of the game, but not on this server.  While I don't mind you blowing up your enemies, razing their entire base to the ground, stabbing them in the back is going to get you banned.   No exceptions.


Have fun and keep it clean mates!   


-Battlepaw, Senior Mod  (AKA: Running Man)